Jul 23 2008

Retin-A For Sale

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Retin-A For Sale, I had an interesting realisation with Money the other day.

I was reading a book called "Creating Money" by Sonaya Roman, Retin-A coupon, Retin-A without prescription, which is an excellent book and highly recommended.

She was talking about "Ebb and Flow" of money and it really hit me as to how true this is, purchase Retin-A for sale. Retin-A schedule, She said there are 4 cycles to money:
1) Calm- when money is coming in and going out in equal amounts
2) Flow- when more money is coming in than going out
3) Ebb- when more money is going out than coming in
4) Flat- when no money is coming in or going out.

She went on to explain that there are days in the month when more money has come in, Retin-A wiki. This may be when you have received your pay check or salary on a Friday, for example, and your bills don't go out until the Monday, Retin-A For Sale. Where can i cheapest Retin-A online, I love those because I feel really wealthy for a whole THREE days!.

I began thinking about this and noticed how often I get stressed because money is not coming in, my Retin-A experience, Buying Retin-A online over the counter, yet there is not actually any needed for that day. Or I worry about how I am going to pay bills at the end of the month, is Retin-A addictive, Cheap Retin-A, when I am still in the first week of the month.

As I reviewed the days in the month, Retin-A duration, Online Retin-A without a prescription, I saw there were really only a few days where I really juggling money. Retin-A For Sale, I started to look at my bank account each morning, once the daily transactions had gone in and out, and ask myself whether I had enough there for my needs for that day.

More often than not the answer was "YES", rx free Retin-A, Where can i order Retin-A without prescription, so I could relax and enjoy the day. Now, Retin-A for sale, Retin-A from mexico, this does not mean that there was mega-bucks there. What it means is that I could what what I needed to do, Retin-A over the counter, Retin-A class, whether that was to buy food or put gas/petrol in the car or whatever I needed to do that day.

I started to notice the days when money came in that I did not need to spend on that very same day, where can i find Retin-A online. That also helped to create more of a feeling of abundance and move me out of a "poor" state of mind, Retin-A For Sale. Canada, mexico, india, Ideas and Business.
These same cycles can be applied to our business and I think it is very important just to observe which cycle you are in from day-to-day. If there are things you can do to move to a more preferred cycle, buy Retin-A without a prescription, Low dose Retin-A, then by all means do them. If there aren't, Retin-A long term, Purchase Retin-A online no prescription, then my suggestion would be to observe the mood of the day and how you are feeling and go with the flow.

Relationships and Money.
Another interesting point that came up for me was money and my marriage, fast shipping Retin-A. Retin-A For Sale, In our rather traditional marriage vows (in 1993), my husband Greg pledged "all his worldly goods" to me and I, in return, vowed to "love, honour and cherish" him (I could not get my head around "obey", so we dropped that one). Where can i buy cheapest Retin-A online, Money goes in cycles as well. There have been times when he has earnt more money than me, Retin-A brand name, Retin-A treatment, times when I have earnt more than him, times when we have earnt about the same and times when neither of us have earnt anything, effects of Retin-A. Doses Retin-A work, For me, the lesson was sometimes to allow him to provide for the family and to take care of us and not to put myself under so much pressure to achieve and to earn, buy Retin-A no prescription. Discount Retin-A, I have always considered myself quite independent, so the thought of allowing myself to be looked after was quite alien to me, Retin-A recreational.

However, having done that for a few weeks, it has enabled me to evaluate which parts of my business I really don't enjoy and those I have kept going just to generate an income, Retin-A For Sale. What is Retin-A, I have been able to let those go and to allow new creativity and opportunities to come to me, without feeling the pressure of "got to, online buying Retin-A hcl, must, should, have to, ought to".

An opportunity has come to me which is absolutely perfect for me, which I probably would not have even looked at before.

I am so excited about this because I adore chocolate and this product can also help me lose weight. Even better. Retin-A For Sale, And I can earn from earn well from eating and sharing healthy chocolate.

That period of ebb and flow and allowing myself to be nurtured has been wonderful for me.
I highly recommend it.
With abundant blessings.
Amanda Goldston.

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  1. Janieon 01 Aug 2008 at 8:21 pm

    Hello Amanda,

    My name is Janie Horton-Ramirez, and I love your website and your messages that I have been reading. I am a pianist and composer, creating music that has been used in healing capacities for several years, and you can see more about me and my music on my website http://www.metaxy.org. I just wanted to give you a little introduction of me. :-) I’m feeling led to share something with you that has just transpired, so here goes:

    I am always amazed how timing that is SO perfect plays out in my life. Ever since I was young, I have known when I am on the path that is best for me because the timing and circumstances were perfectly placed beyond human capabilities.

    Well, I have just experienced this same type of a moment of perfect timing just within the last hour, bringing your website into my path.

    I am a woman, mother and a wife who has also been struggling with the conversation about money, especially within the last few months. I have been very blessed throughout my life on many levels, and I have also survived some very painful moments in my life, but I have always believed in looking for a positive message of learning in each of these moments, and I also truly believe that what you give out in the Universe will come back to you ten-fold. And, this has happened in my life many times over.

    I began a home business several months ago to boost our family’s earnings while I still maintain my full-time job in a law office, and opening this new business has been a huge learning experience for me, especially in the conversation of money. What I have been learning is that it is SO very easy for me to give to others – but, I have come to realize that it has been difficult for me to receive abundant financial compensation for the business goods, services and talents that I possess. I was feeling an inner conflict that, somehow, as a spiritual person, I should not be desirous of an abundance of money flow into my life. Part of this realization came about in a BIG way when I realized that I had set up my home business website, and I had not even created a method to receive payment for my products! It was a very telling moment for me as part of my new awareness. (I have totally resolved this now with PayPal!)

    What has become totally clear for me is that it is not only “ok” for me to receive financial abundance, but it is my responsibility to receive this so that I can open my ability to serve in a much greater capacity for others in my life – my family, charitable efforts and the world at large.

    So, this leads up to this morning. I had a very strong feeling that I needed to create a “receiving of financial abundance” poster – something visual for me to have in front of me each day. I found several pictures and printed them in a circle that flows like this – Janie giving, the setting up of a crystal pattern that draws abundance, praying for abundance with faith to God, being heard by God and the Angel of Abundance, an image of the energy as abundance is being passed to a human spirit, the picture of St. Francis of Assisi receiving abundance from heaven, and finally the full circle if Janie receiving”. I was focusing on this when I received an email from a very sweet girl, someone from my past from whom I had not heard for awhile, and this email included the same picture that you have posted below on your website of the angel sitting in heaven pouring out the stars down below. The message with the picture said, “God has seen you struggling. God says it’s over. A blessing is coming your way. I am giving you 600 million angels to take care of you – send them to 10 friends, including me, and you will have good news in 10 minutes.” It was SUCH a beautiful message – so, I sent it out to the girl who sent it to me plus 9 other friends and family.

    Here’s the full circle of this story – One of my friends who had received this email called me and said, “Janie, you won’t believe this, but I was just looking at the same picture of this angel on a website I found called, ‘www.angels of abundance.com’. I said, “You’re kidding!” And, of course, it was true! (Plus, this friend happens to be from England as well!) Your website showed up within 10 minutes of the email that I had received with the same angel picture………incredible!

    As I began to read your own struggle of receiving money into your life and the visualizing you have been doing so diligently, as well as keeping an Abundance Journal (I also have a Gratitude Journal), I felt strongly that I needed to reach out and communicate with you. My apologies for this long “comment”, but I would like to learn with you as you open the channels of receiving abundance. My home business is completely about sharing the same opportunity with others in learning how to create the lives of freedom and abundance for themselves, and as you can see, I have enjoyed being the first and greatest student of this!

    I would love to hear back from you with regard to all of this, and I would love to hear from others as they are learning as well with regard to receiving abundance and using it wisely to create a better place for their families and the world.

    I have two websites – one for my home business which is http://www.choosethismoment.com, and one for my music work (that I mentioned before) which is http://www.metaxy.org.

    I would be very interested to hear your feedback on these as well. Thank you for your time, and thank you for creating this beautiful website for all of us to enjoy and from which to learn.

    I wish for you a very blessed day with many to follow!
    Always in peace,
    Janie Horton-Ramirez

  2. Amandaon 01 Aug 2008 at 8:56 pm

    Hi Janie,
    Thank you so much for connecting and for sharing your story. I would be delighted to connect with you. I can quite relate to your struggles with money. I know hard that can be, especially when you see others around you that appear to attract money and abundance so effortlessly.

    I have come to realise that a lot of my issues with money have been over valuing myself enough to believe that I was worthy of receiving and keeping money.

    It is an ongoing work in progress, as I form new habits and beliefs and actually practise some of the phenomenal teachings I have come across recently.

    You sound as if you have totally found your passion in life and I celebrate that with you.

    I recently found my passion and have been able to combine that into a business- which is healthy chocolate.

    Total passion for what you are doing seems to be very key to this whole process, particularly if what you are doing enables you to JUST BE YOU, where you don’t have to pretend and people love and accept you for who you are.

    Thank you so much for reaching out and sharing. Please drop me a line.

    With abundant blessings.

  3. Janieon 01 Aug 2008 at 9:14 pm

    Thank you, Amanda. :-)

    Your words are so true and so wise, and this is very much a part of my continued learning – to value myself enough to say that I am worthy of receiving. I will continue to open my heart to these feelings.

    Thank you, again, for your kind and quick response, and I will look forward to staying connected and learn together.

    Have a beautiful weekend as well…….

    with all sincerity,

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